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Personal Injury and Medical Negligence

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Legal Aid Office
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Legal Aid is not available for personal injury and medical negligence claims. However, a specialist legal panel has been established to assess all potential personal injury and medical/clinical negligence claims in Jersey regardless of the financial circumstances of the claimant.  

Claims that are assessed as having a positive prospect of success will be progressed by the law firm on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis or as agreed with a claimant, unless it is deemed that the value of the claim is disproportionate to the costs of recovery.  

Fees will ordinarily be recovered from insurers in the event of a successful claim but may, in appropriate cases, be recovered from any award or settlement.

Claimants should complete a short claim template detailing the nature and circumstances of the claim.  Claimants should send the claim form to a firm of their choice from the specialist panel, details of which are shown below.

Click here to download the claim template.

Click here for the contact details for the panel.

Claim forms should not be returned to the Legal Aid Office.  

The Legal Aid Office is not responsible for allocating or appointing firms from the panel, nor does it have any involvement in the claims process which is the responsibility of the panel firm.

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